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Our new album, NuclearStrike, descends from Cosmic Bolide and Transient & Eerie’s global legacy of mixing digital, analog, acoustic and vocal sources with precision.

Supported by a strong Polivoks presence, and heavy fire support from a Soma Lyra 8, we deliver a NuclearStrike album of integrated music, from French slam Incommensuétude to a grand finale French song Pour la Libération de Constantinople, with a garden of vocal performance in between.

A perfect listen for cosy evenings at home under the light of long sunsets and autumn leaves.

Fan reviews for “Pour la Libération de Constantinople”, last song of the album:

Deep and dark electronica

Sounds like it’s gonna be used in a seance

Haunting, ominous, beautiful. Fills me with intrigue


More fan reviews for “Pour la Libération de Constantinople” (not released as single, you have to fetch the whole album ;-)

Slow and serene electronic instrumentals sweep through this track on gentle waves of sound. Combined with this are hushed vocals declaimed very slowly in extremely low pitched and gravelly tones

An ominous drone slowly builds and is then accompanied by an ethereal moody score

Whispered breathy ambient vocals also build into a spoken word styled prayer or incantation in a foreign language

I'm getting chills while listening to the song. The production did a good job if their vision for this song is to scare a lot of people. Because you will literally be scared upon hearing this song

polivoks is nuts.png
This song is the main tune from the new album of the same name, available from **click SHOW MORE for important information below** WARNING: WOLVES, EVEN TAME, ARE WILD ANIMALS WHO CAN SNAP ANY SECOND. ** DO NOT ** ATTEMPT TO HANDLE WOLVES WITHOUT PROFESSIONAL TRAINING !!!
Get the full-quality EP without gunshot sounds on iTunes here: ... or on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam, or Yandex music. You can also get this song buying Transient & Eerie's full album NuclearStrike on your favorite music store!
Official video clip for Transient & Eerie' single titled: Polivoks is Nuts (Поливокс Чокнутый) This single can be purchased in full quality on iTunes here: and also on Apple Music, Google Play, Shazam, and Yandex music. Filmed on location in St-Petersburg. All footage is original.
Téléchargez l'audio haute qualité sur iTunes : Ecoutez sur Google Play : Lyriques, en français et en anglais : En Russie, je suis libre Ma Belgique, ma patrie, occupée par les F-35 américains, l'Islam et les pédés En Russie, je suis libre En Russie, je respire En Russie,
Transient & Eerie' single titled: ça fait vraiment très peur c'est très affolant can be purchased in full quality on iTunes here: and also on all other online music stores, including Google Play, Shazam, Yandex, etc. Filmed on location in St-Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast. All footage is original.


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Fan reviews for Reverse Mountain Falling:

“Just feels very serene and meaningful. It just makes you drift away into your own world”

“The feeling that exuded from this song can't truly be expressed with words”

“I love the duet between the piano and the violin. A delightful love story between the notes and phrases. Doesn't need lyrics to captivate the spirit. It touches the soul and take the listener to dreamy places. Inspires to write poems and novels. Captivating”

Get the full album Apocalyptic here: Tune written, interpreted, mixed and mastered by Benoît Mussche Using a Midi keyboard & Ableton Live 9 Suite Video clip with original footage by Benoît Mussche in Velikiy Novgorod & St-Petersburg, Russia *The audio version of this tune does not feature the hammer sounds.