voice talent

Transient & Eerie’s Benoît Mussche is a voice actor, a function sometimes referred to as “talent”.

Benoît Mussche may be outsourced to your project in French or English, reading, narrating or interpreting freely text of the following natures: religious - dramatic - documental, with pathos, empathy and a unique personal touch.

Feel free to browse the following videos to hear samples of Benoît’s vocal works - in addition to Transient & Eerie albums, of course. It is also possible to benefit from individual drama coaching via Skype or WhatsApp if you seek to perform your own reading or acting in a similar style.

For any professional inquiry, please shoot a mail to: ben@transientandeerie.ninja

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the gospel

In this playlist, you can hear Benoît read parallel verses from the Bible, about the Gospel, in 12 different languages.

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In this playlist, Benoît reads Revelation in the French Bible edited by David Martin. The best version is the 1744 version, but Benoît couldn’t resist reading this 1855 paper version.


Not for the faint of heart.
The KJV Bible’s New Testament is not directly translated from the original Aramaic New Testament, but this is one of the five books that came after the Peshitta, and it has a particularly good literary aspect in the KJV.

Fan reviews for “Pour la Libération de Constantinople”, last song on the album “NuclearStrike”:

Vocals are in such a tone that the hair on your arm raises from hearing them!

I can't believe how the artist was able to make such a song. Its interesting to me how the artist was able to use his voice to make this incredible song

I almost felt like I should be in an old opera house. Then, all of a sudden, there was a voice. It was very eerie, and I could not understand what was being said

To listen to that song, head to the main tab “NUCLEARSTRIKE” and follow instructions from there according to your online store of choice - Or, mail me directly from the “CONTACT” tab!